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New Life Church


The Reverend Timothe Jacques was appointed to start a new congregation in Fort Lauderdale area in January 2009. He moved from Lakeland Florida where he has been serving another congregation, St. Mark United Methodist Church, for four years as a student pastor, while attending Asbury Theological Seminary. After he graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary in December 2008 with his family of four, wife Jeannie and three children Rebekah, Abegail and Timothe Jr., Reverend Jacques arrived in Fort Lauderdale on Jamuary 1st, 2009. After taking some time off, Reverend Jacques started working right away.

Pastor Jacques and his wife Jeannie were very active in planting this new congregation in an area saturated by other churches, big and small. But they were faithful to their calling and kept reaching out to people in and around the communities of the city of Fort Lauderdale. Their main focus was primarily non-Christians and unchurched believers. After a few meetings they form a core group and on February 1, 2009 they lunch their first service. The church was established in an old building of an old church called St. Andrews United Methodist Church, located at 1100 N. Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With a group of 40-50 in the attendance, the first service was very successful.


From that time on, the church kept growing. In 2011, the church had known a tumultuous moment when a member decided to quit and take with him some of the members to start his own church. Our church membership grew to almost 200 members. Thanks be to God, the church's steady growth got shaken but not as badly as he has expected.

About the name. Well, behind every name there is a story. According to Reverend Jacques, this is what he said: "It was around 2000 and 2003 when I was living in Boynton Beach back then I was going to a Winn Dixie store, on a beautiful night along with my father, the late Reverend Francois Duchene Jacques. As we arrived in the parking lot, a man approached us and had some brochures in his hand. He was evangelizing and was talking about zoe, which is a Greek word meaning life as in John 3:16. That act of evangelizing and presenting people with the everlasting life of God captivated my attention ever since. I said to myself, if I ever have to start a church, I will call it New Life. Fast forward in 2008, when I was called to start this new church, I had no other name but New Life (United Methodist Church). I believed that the name corresponded with the vision which is, Rebuilding a Community One Life at a Time. And it was also a fit for the community." 

In March 2017 The church was compelled to move to a different location. The building in which we had started was old and poorly maintained. It required major renovations estimated at $700,000 to about $1,000,000. We certainly could not afford to spend  that kind of money. The conference and our district decided to sell the building. Therefore, we had to move. We were blessed, however to inherit another building located at 3307 SW 15th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315. This too is an old building but much smaller than the previous one and easier to maintain. This is a totally different community with different dynamics. But yet, another community ready for the Gospel

To say a little more about our new location, it is situated off town. As featured on the home page, it is a beautiful campus with lots of trees providing plenty of shade for picnic and outdoors events and recreations. If you love mangoes, come and satisfy yourself. This is the place for you. We have a sanctuary of about 130 in capacity and a fellowship space that can turn into classrooms, and a couple office spaces. This is a very nice campus and we invite every one to come and enjoy a good worship service there. 

Today, 11 years later, we are worshiping with an average of 90 in attendance. We have a sanctuary with a capacity of about 130. Our hope and dream remain, that is, continue to grow beyond our church capacity, not just to fill a place, but to reach as many as we can unto the Lord. And we know that God will provide.

"Go and make disciples of all nations..." That is the Great Commission that we received from our Lord and that is what we intend to do. An we believe that with hope, faith, and steadfastness we will accomplish our mission. We count on everyone's prayers. And we invite All people to join and support the ministry of New Life United Methodist Church.


May God bless you!

Missional Engagement

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Coming soon.

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